Why You Should not Look for a Stable Job

The success formula of those who came before us was: go to school, finish college, get a job, work hard until you climb the corporate ladder, and retire in style. My dad, for instance, had a job for more than 30 years and it worked for us. Our needs were met, and all of his children finished college thanks to his income.


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When I was let go in my job last January 2014, I had this realization that I have to do more than I was doing. The company was a start-up and the higher ups decided to close operations. At that moment, I saw that job stability is an illusion. Gone were the days where working for one company for a long long time can support one big family. It’s good to be loyal to your job and do your best to be promoted. But I believe that instead of focusing on the promotion, focus on improving yourself. Learn new things, acquire new skills, and once you’ve improved yourself you’ll see companies begging to have you onboard.

In order to survive in this fast changing world, one must not look for a stable job but should make oneself stable. As what Jim Rohn, a well-known entrepreneur, had said, “Work harder on yourself as you do on your job.”

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Here are some things that you need to take in consideration for self-improvement.

Learning multiple skills will ensure your future economic stability.

Change is a constant in this world. Just look at how entertainment evolved through the years: from the Walkman to Discman then mp3 players until mobile phones capable of playing hundreds of songs. As for your path to success, you need to learn how to adapt to the changes. Learn new skills especially those that are in-demand, and do not be content with what you just know. The more you have in your arsenal, the more options will become more available to you.
Real wealth is found in our relationships.

No man is indeed an island. No one is self sufficient. We need our loved ones, our friends to support us in our journey to success. They can provide valuable insight, help us when we are down, and even teach us new things that we may need.
Don’t forget your health

What good is your new skill and your career if you are frail and sickly? You need to take care of yourself as it is the most important asset you have. Exercise, eat healthier choices, and avoid vices.

Don’t run the hamster wheel

Running the hamster wheel is a metaphor that describes a monotonous life. Wake up, go to work, go home, and then sleep. That’s how life is for almost 90% of the working population. Not only that it is boring and repetitive, it is also not good for one’s health because of spiking stress levels. But, if you enjoy your work and it doesn’t feel like slave labor, then it is not a bad thing. Don’t be stuck in a job that makes you dread going to it every day.



Remember, it all boils down to being a better person each passing day. Look at yourself as if you’re the product, a walking asset. People love products that are packed with useful features, especially those that never fail them. Same goes to you, companies love workers who are flexible and skilled. Never forget this and you’ll see yourself zooming up the ranks in no time.



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