Financial and Life Lessons You Can Learn By Watching Naruto


“What I’m looking for is not an easy path but a way to walk a hard one.” –Naruto

In case you are not familiar, Naruto is a manga series whose protagonist is Naruto himself.

The series started showing Naruto throw prank to other people. He spread mischief all over his village. He did everything to get people’s attention. But behind those pranks, mischief, and other attention-getting activities is a lonely boy.


Naruto is an orphan who lived alone as a child. He was considered an outcast in his community. People avoided him like a dreadful disease.  He didn’t know why but when he was 12 years old, he learned that it’s because there’s a nine-tailed demon living inside him. People feared him. He was ridiculed as if he is the nine-tailed demon itself. He struggled to belong. Wanting to be recognized, he dreamed to be a Hokage. The title Hokage is the highest rank a Ninja can reach and is given to the strongest Ninja in Konoha , Naruto’s village. As the strongest, the Hokage is also looked up to as the leader.

Konoha’s Past Hokage’s faces are carved in this mountain

To achieve his dream, he studied in a Ninja academy and found friends and rivals. Finally, he is not alone anymore. He valued and protected his friends even with his life.

He was not the usual gifted student like some of his batch mates but he was guided by the principle, “A dropout can beat a genius through hard work.”

As tale of Naruto continues, you will learn that he will encounter challenges, hurdles and trials towards achieving his dream. These moulded Naruto to be a strong Ninja. Because of this, he slowly got recognition from the villagers and the leaders in Konoha.

Even if Naruto’s story is a work of the maker’s imagination, we surely can learn a lot from it. The path to our dreams is not an easy one but it’s worth taking. Take a look at the lives of self-made millionaires. They did not become rich easily. They did not inherit their wealth, win the lottery nor marry a millionaire. They achieved their wealth through sacrifice, hard-work, and discipline.

Take a look at lives of the Saints. Their lives were not a walk in the park. They were sinners too. But their persistence to pray, to ask for forgiveness and to keep the faith even to the point of persecution made them great.

And take a look at the lives of our heroes. They are not heroes by chance. They took the hard path to be courageous to fight for our freedom.

And Naruto? It’s still an ongoing series but I believe that in the end he will achieve what he dreams of. If ever he doesn’t, then I believe that his journey is a victory in itself.

Do you watch/read Naruto too? What practical lessons have you learned from him? Share in the comments.

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