Qualities of a Cordilleran Inspired by “Carrot Man” Jeyrick Sigmaton

carrot man Jeyrick Sigmaton
Jeryck Sigmaton before his interview for Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’s show. Photo credit to owner.


It’s been a week or two since the photos of the Cordilleran Carrot Man (Jeyrick Sigmaton) went viral on the Internet. He was seen carrying carrots and a photographer caught his attention. His photos were uploaded online because they wanted to know the identity of this heartthrob. Quickly his photos went viral. Facebook pages were created in his name. He was featured in GMA shows such as Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho and Unang Hirit.

But beyond the good looks, what are the qualities of a Cordilleran that many may not be seeing? Let’s take a look.

1. Cordillerans are not poor people – I have grown in Natonin, the neighbor town of where Jeyrick lives (Barlig). Once we walked 41 kilometers for one day from Natonin to Paracelis because public transport was not available. It was difficult – yes. But I didn’t feel deprived.
Jeyrick was seen carrying carrots and I have seen pages made for him that are romanticizing his “poverty”. While life may be hard in the mountains, we do not feel poor. We just know how to live simply. We focus more on what we need than what we want.


2. Cordillerans are good looking – Seriously. It’s not only carrot man but a lot of men and women in the Cordillera are good looking. I suppose this is true in other places as well.


3. Cordillerans usually have well built calf muscle – Well, I have one myself. Haha. It’s because the terrain in the mountains are up and down. And that makes us strong whether we need to walk long distances or up the mountains.


4. Cordillerans do not have the same dialect – Go to Bontoc and they speak Kankanaey but it’s different from Benguet Kankanaey. The people from the Barangay where Carrot Man grew up speak “Kenachakran” (Kadaclan) but it’s different from the dialect we people from Natonin (just a few kilometers away from Kadaclan) speak which is Balangao (Efarangao). So how do we understand each other? Well, almost all of us speak Ilocano and that is the language that binds us together.

UPDATE: My uncle Ignacio has this to say. “re. knowing Ilocano…; perhaps in ur present generation, yes, but during our time I can speak Balangao, my seat mate speaks Kadaclan & another seat mate speaks Majukayong and we communicate with each other…although we tease each other coz of our language differences…It was then absent from my mind why we understand each other.”


5. Cordillerans are not fanatics – My dad used to tell us that Judy Ann Santos went to Bontoc once but nobody cared. The politician who invited her got disappointed because he invited Judy Ann to promote the tourism in our place. But—nothing happened? Oh well. I guess Igorots just don’t have time to be fanatics because they’re busy minding their business. But now that Jeyrick Sigmaton aka Carrot Man got famous, will that change?

6. Igorots Love Country Music 

“Country roads, take me home to a place I belong…” I almost failed to include this. 😀 Thanks to your comments, I am reminded of this. This is so true. Whenever I hear country music playing in a bus I feel nostalgic and miss home. Even here in Manila I listen to country music and country is the favorite genre I love to sing.



There you have it. That’s my list of qualities of a cordilleran inspired by Jeyrick Sigmaton aka Carrot Man. Do you agree with the list? Do you have anything to add? Please comment below.

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11 thoughts on “Qualities of a Cordilleran Inspired by “Carrot Man” Jeyrick Sigmaton

  1. yes thats very true we igorots are not fanatics we dont mind if actress and actors are there in our place because we dont see them and treat them as stars but ordinary people like us,wala naman tayong mapala kung dagsahin natin sila magtrabaho na lng may mapala pa tayo…kaya sa baguio ang mga dumadagsa sa mga artista dun mga dayo din din na mga kapatid na lowlanders na hindi naman masama kasi humahanga lng sila.pero kung sa atin mga igorot karamihan sinasabi magsayang ka lng ng oras parehas din natin sila na tao at mabaho ang “utot”.

  2. When it comes to celebrities, we Cordillerans are not the type to scream and shout. We usually just stare and smile to acknowledge their presence and that’s it.

    1. That’s interesting. 🙂 I haven’t heard of that before. I guess I need more research. Thank you for reading.

  3. ang cordillerans/igorot ay mahilig sa country music, kaya di makasabay sa mga kpop hehe (pero iba na ata mga younger generation ng igorot ngayon, iba na hilig pati sa celebrities )

  4. Igorots are not the “show off” type.Unlike other people in the lowlands,who are “one-day millionaires” some Igorots are “silent millionaires”.It may not be obvious,simply because they live a simple life.

    It’s true that we are not fanatics.However,it is also undeniable that igorots love country music.I believe that,maybe if country singers like Allan Jackson,Garth Brooks(my fave)Travis Tritt and/or Dixie Chicks to name a few,will have a chance to have a concert/show here in Baguio,then maybe the athletic bowl will not be enough to accomodate admirers.(just a thought😁)

    Anyways,thanks for this article.It can/will serve as an eye-opener to those people who are still innocent about the qualities and characteristics of Igoys.

    1. I agree. Igorots are not show offs. Usually do not wear trendy expensive clothes and are just practical. I should include that – that Igorots love country music. 🙂 Thank your for reading. 😀

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