I’m not a writer. I’m not a speaker. I’m a Storyteller.

Do you know Sha Nacino?


She is an author and also a speaker. She has written 7 books which includes How to write a book even if you are not a writer.


She is also a speaker. She is an advance communicator silver in the Toastmasters International Club. She has been involved in numerous speaking engagements such as the Wealth Summit and  Speakers Bootcamp by Bo Sanchez and her very own How to Achieve Financial Success Seminar. (Let’s watch out for her next book and speaking engagement 🙂 ) Guess what? She is my friend. 😀

Do you know Chris Dao-Anis?


He will be launching his newest book soon entitled The Gift of the ordinary.


He is also an advanced communicator bronze in the Toastmasters International Club. What does that say about him? He is a writer and a speaker too. Guess what? He is my friend too. 😀

They say that you are recognised by the company that you keep. So if I’m surrounded by writers and speakers, I must be a writer and a speaker too, right? (Pressure 😐 )

Although I’m on the process of drafting my first ever book and even if I’m also a toastmaster and had a few speaking engagements, I refuse to say that I’m a writer or a speaker. I’m a storyteller. 🙂

In this blog, I aim to tell you stories about the many things that interest me – relationships, finances, love, career, business, books, stock market etc. and the lessons that I learn through my experiences.

Let’s live an amazing life! Life is short. 🙂

Your friend,


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