How I took my revenge on BDO


I can still remember vividly. A year ago, I was walking down the sidewalk of Ortigas Jr. Road disappointed. I just checked my balance at the ATM and saw that the bank charged me 300 pesos for going below the maintaining balance of P2000. Apparently, I did not replenished my funds on time.


I was mad at myself for letting it happen. At the same time, I was mad at the bank for imposing such high penalty.
So on that same day, I declared to the universe. I shall earn back what I lost tenfold! And the way for me to do that was to own the bank that charged me that high and share in the profit and in the valuation of its stocks. That particular bank was BDO.

Applying the peso cost averaging, I bought shares of BDO every month. I bought when the price per share was P87. I bought even when the price per share went down to 84. And I bought when the price per share was 72.

I stopped buying last January this year because BDO reached it’s buy below price (according to the projection of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club). The average price of the stocks I bought was at 79. 11 months later, I sold the stocks at 107 per share.

final figure before I sold BDO

Take note that I also had a share in the profit of BDO when they declared dividends last March. 😉
I lost P300, I earned 7000+, more than tenfold!

That amount may be small to you but it is a proof that BDO is not a bad bank after all. 😉 And more! We can earn 34% in less than a year 😀

Did you also lose money because of bank charges? How about earning back what you lost through the stock market? 😉

Disclaimer: Investing involves substantial risks. It is important that you know and understand the companies you are investing in. Not sure where to start? How about joining Truly Rich Club first? You may join the club by clicking here.

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