Are you going officially broke this 2014?


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As I skimmed through my Facebook page, I saw some friends declare that they are going to be officially broke this coming 2014. I saw some who complained how come they ended up penniless at the end of 2013?

What I appreciate about those friends is that despite going “officially broke”, they looked back and counted the many blessings that they received for the year 2013.

Together with them, I invite you to count the blessings you have received for the year 2013.

Let us be thankful for the blessings, the joyful times, and the victorious times and let us create more of those for 2014.

For those who feel penniless at the end of the year, I invite you to take a totally different prospective.  Let us declare to be officially wealthy, debt-free and financially confident for the coming year 2014.

May you have a prosperous year ahead!

What is your declaration for the year 2014? Write in the comments.

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