“It’s not how much you earn that matters. It’s how much you keep.”


Hi my name is Divine and here’s my money story..


Struck by financial crisis in college, I have always dreamt of getting rich. It was painful to want something but not afford it. Later on, I learned that the journey is not an easy one, but worth it, I should say.


After working – in the corporate world and as a freelancer – for 5 long years, I realized that I earned a decent income – more than what I actually needed but little was left. Because I was already earning, I forgot the pain that drove me to dream.


Doubts enveloped me.


Will I ever get to where I wanted to be?

Is it really possible?

Do I really have what it takes?

Earning was not the problem for me but keeping my earnings was. And then it struck me. If this goes on, I would need to work all the days of my life in order to live. This was a greater pain for me considering that my dream now is to be able to be a full time mom in the future and homeschool my future children.


Driven by this bigger pain, I decided to take my personal budget more seriously.


Budgeting allowed me

  • to keep more of my earnings
  • to reach my goals faster
  • to enjoy my life without the need to spend
  • and most of all, it gave me hope and confidence that I can be what I wanted to be.


I know that motivation may die down. That’s why I interview great people to keep my motivations alive. Hearing their stories inspire me. I post these interviews every Monday.


And as a part of my continuous financial education, I post practical financial management, budgeting, and entrepreneurship tips every Thursday.


Join me in my fantastic journey to budgeting, saving, investing, and earning.


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