7 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day (The Single Way)

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Are you going solo on Valentine’s Day?

Before I met my special one Gelo, I spent a couple of years enjoying being single. I wasn’t necessarily alone. But there were times that I spent Valentine ’s Day alone.

It’s funny when some of my friends would text to greet me “Happy Singles Awareness Day!” (S.A.D.) When I come to think of it, it makes sense because oftentimes, singleness is being magnified on Valentine’s Day.

One of my friends even texted, “Happy Independence Day!”

Whether you are single since birth or just got single, you do not need to be S.A.D. on Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you are single and I share my top 7 below.


 1. Go to the Adoration Chapel or to your Church

Since I did not have a date on those Valentine’s Days as a single, I would go to the Adoration Chapel to date with Jesus. I would pour my heart out to Him, thank Him for the day and just be with Him. It was also my time to pray for my future “the one”. I felt awesome, peaceful and joyful when I got out of the Adoration Chapel. After all, I just spent some time with the One who gives the greatest love of all.

2. Get dressed the best Way

One Valentine’s day, I decided put on makeup so when I came to the office; everybody was teasing me and asking me who my date will be. I would just smile and remain silent. Now that just saved me from the pressure of answering the question “why are you still single?” I also felt good about myself because I looked good.

3. Attend wholesome “get to know you” activities

Last February of 2011, my friends and I organized a wholesome “get to know you” activity to raise funds for the World Youth Day. It was great watching the participants play games and just have fun and gain more friends.

 4. Appreciate who you are

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you are inadequate or incomplete as some people would think, because you are already awesome, wonderful and lovable as you are.

5. Do your hobby

If reading is your hobby, why not read over a cup of coffee? Do you like to organize things? Why not put all your scattered photos in the photo album. Do you like to cook? Why not cook for your family?

 6. Spend time with single friends

Spend time with single friends not to spite the Valentine’s Day but to celebrate Singles Awesomeness Day. Laugh with each other and support one another. Remember your awesomeness and perhaps laugh at your foolishness.

 7. Do Something for the less fortunate

Perhaps being single on Valentine ’s Day saved you a penny because you do not have to spend for the overpriced items like flowers or chocolates. Maybe it would be good to donate a portion of the money you saved for the less fortunate. You can organize an event for your favourite charity or a feeding program for the poor street children. It’s up to you. I think a sandwich for that starving elderly in the streets would do.


Whatever your relationship status is on Valentine’s Day, remember that it is not only about being in love as couples. The essence of Valentine’s Day is love itself – and love is for every one of us.


P.S. To those who are waiting for the full version of my e-book How Savings Saved My Life, I apologize for the delay. The manuscript is with my editor now and it will be out on or before February 25. Stay tuned! Thanks for your patience. Happy Valentine’s Day to All!

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